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Ayden Lentz Party

December 21, 2018


This is not your average birthday party.

From the moment the party is scheduled, the “Celebration Expert,” Amber takes over. We decorate, entertain, serve the cake and cleanup!! Your only responsibility is to sit back, relax and have a great time. We pamper not only the guest of honor, but the parents too! With the use of Krav Maga, games and a Ninja theme we make all the guests feel special!!

This is not your typical birthday package either! For 90minutes, your child and their friends with be immersed in the exciting life of a ninja on their birthday! This pack includes:

Ninja-themed invitations (Colors: red and black OR pink and purple)

Ninja themed plates, napkins, plastic utensils, and cups (Colors: red and black OR pink and purple)

90 minutes reserved just for your child’s special event:

10 min White headbands for each child to decorate and wear throughout the party and safety chat

10min Obstacle course to bring out your inner ninja

10 min Practice and perfect kicks and punches

20min Learn one ninja move (bearhugs, headlocks, etc)

20min Piñata with ninja stick

20minutes to sing and eat cake!

All we need from the adults is:

a.     A signed waiver for EACH CHILD from their legal guardian (online or on paper)

b.     Bring in a cake in the theme of your choice

c.     Party fee paid in full the day before the event is to occur, half is used as deposit to reserve the day

d.     Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest!